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We live on a 3 hectare smallholding in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg. We fell in love with Vizslas a few years ago when we bought our female, Nala, as a companion for our two young children. We have been so impressed with this breed, generally uncommon in South Africa, and subsequently decided to pursue a small breeding operation, so as to make this breed more commonly available to South Africans.

We found the gene pool in South Africa to be limited, so have imported a few dogs from Europe over the years, selecting them from highly reputable breeders. Whilst we do not engage in showing of dogs, (we are also competitive horse riders, hence time is limited!), the dogs we have imported come from lines that have impressive show results, including World Champions.

Please feel free to contact us (best via WhatsApp), should you want to come visit us and see the dogs.





Vizslas are depicted on etchings that date back to the 10th century. They originate from Hungary, bred by the Magyars, who used them as hunting dogs. They are thought to have descended from several types of pointers along with the Transylvanian hound, and the Turkish yellow dog (now extinct). “Vizsla” means “pointer” in the Hungarian language. The dogs worked as hunters, their superb noses and endless energy guided them to excel at catching upland game such as waterfowl and rabbit. The breed almost became extinct after World War II. After the war when the Russians took control of Hungary it was feared that the breed would disappear from existence. In an attempt to save the breed, native Hungarians smuggled some of the dogs to America and Austria.




The Vizsla is expressive, gentle, and loving. Keen and trainable to a high degree, they need mental stimulation daily. They need a patient, calm, firm hand. They are reliable with children, loving to play for hours. Without extensive daily exercise they may be too energetic and excitable for very young toddlers, but are excellent for energetic kids. They are able to adapt quickly to family life, and are generally good with other dogs. They are very athletic, and need generous amounts of exercise. Apartment life is not recommended for Vizsla’s. They make great bike or horse riding companions. This breed is highly trainable and very willing to please. Vizsla’s have many talents such as: tracking, retrieving, pointing, watchdog and competitive obedience. The Vizsla is a hunting dog and may be good with cats they are raised with, but should not be trusted with animals such as hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs etc… Be sure to always be your dog’s pack leader to avoid any negative behaviors such as guarding furniture, food, toys, and so on.




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