Our Female Hungarian Vizslas.

Female Hungarian Vizslas are known for being affectionate, gentle, and loyal. Female Vizslas can be just as energetic and spirited as males, requiring regular exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and content. They often display a strong bond with their families and are generally good with children. While individual temperaments may vary, female Vizslas tend to be loving, intelligent, and eager to please, making them wonderful companions and family pets. In some cases they may have a more petite physique compared to their male counterparts.

Roxstar Princess Beatrice “Beetroot”

Meet Princess Beatrice, affectionately known as Beetroot, the beloved daughter of Rico and Bella. Despite being the smallest pup in her litter, she captured our hearts with her exceptional beauty and unique charm. As she grew, it became evident that she possessed an unwavering determination, blossoming into a tall, athletic, and stunning dog.

Much like her father, Princess Beatrice has a quirky and nutty side, but she also inherited her mother's immense capacity for love. Her gentle and kind nature shines through, complemented by a consistently even temperament. Playful and affectionate, she has mastered the art of being a perfect Velcro dog, sticking close to her loved ones.

Every morning, she delights in snuggling up in bed, seeking an early dose of affection before embracing the day ahead. Her affectionate and endearing qualities have earned her deep love and admiration from all who have the pleasure of knowing her.

Princess Beatrice, or Beetroot, has made an indelible mark on our hearts, enriching our lives with her presence and reminding us daily of the beauty and joy that our beloved pets bring to our lives.

Roxstar Kassandra “Kassandra”

Kassandra, the daughter of Roxstar Ziggy (a son of Rico and Quinn), and Bella, possesses a distinct beauty reminiscent of her grandmother Quinn with her darker coat. Alongside her stunning looks, she showcases an intelligent nature that sets her apart. While she adores her human companions, she tends to be somewhat possessive, preferring to have their undivided attention rather than sharing it with other dogs. If she could have her way, she would relish being the sole focus of affection as an only child.

Her intelligence and beauty are apparent, and these remarkable traits have been passed down to her beautiful offspring. Kassandra's role as a loving and devoted mother further exemplifies the special bond she shares with her pups. Her unique combination of qualities makes her an exceptional and cherished member of our family and breeding program.

Ziggie Danitty of Roxstar (Imp CZE)


Charlie, a stunning female, was imported as a pup from the Czech Republic. With her exceptional intelligence and impressive athleticism, she is a remarkable addition to our kennel. Beyond her physical prowess, Charlie possesses a wonderfully sweet and gentle nature, endearing herself to all who meet her.

Though she shares a strong bond with Kassandra, who is also a dominant female, they occasionally engage in friendly stand-offs. Both exhibit strong personalities, yet their mutual respect allows for harmonious interactions within our pack.

As a mother, Charlie has proven to be an exceptional caregiver, producing beautiful offspring. One of her remarkable children is Ocean, our esteemed stud dog, who embodies the best of his mother's traits.

Charlie's legacy is etched in the remarkable dogs she has brought into the world, and her endearing personality and stunning appearance make her an invaluable and cherished member of our breeding program.

Roxstar Gazelle


Gazelle is a petite and tender-hearted soul who adorably enjoys exploring tables and counter-tops during her curious escapades, which we find all too amusing! Her peaceful nature makes her avoid confrontation whenever possible, preferring a harmonious environment. With her delicate features and captivating eyes, she captivates all who meet her.

Anticipations run high as we look forward to her pairing with Ocean, as we believe their offspring will be quite exceptional. Combining Gazelle's grace and beauty with Ocean's impressive lineage promises a generation of outstanding pups.

Roxstar Isla


Meet Isla, a captivating young female, the offspring of Chopin (Kamikaze Ruda Szata of Roxstar, IMP Poland) and Kassandra. Her striking beauty and athletic prowess leave a lasting impression on all who encounter her. Isla's grace and agility are truly mesmerizing, reflecting her active lifestyle and robust physique. Her powerful yet nimble presence is a testament to her dedication to an active and vibrant life.

Browdeen Rachel of Roxstar “Rachel”

Rachel is a joyous soul whose life revolves around dog walks, making them the absolute highlights of her days. With her stunningly beautiful eyes and a warm disposition, she exudes an undeniable charm. Though not very tall in stature, Rachel's presence and strong physique is nothing short of captivating.

As a mother, Rachel has lovingly delivered beautiful children, reflecting her own alluring traits. Her passion for life and love for her pups make her an endearing and cherished member of our family.

Shamanist of Enkosi of Roxstar


Bella is undeniably the esteemed matriarch of our kennel, and her presence has been nothing short of extraordinary. With her tall, athletic build and remarkable strength, she exudes a cheerful and happy disposition that brightens every corner of our lives. As both a phenomenal dog and an exceptional mother, Bella's nurturing qualities extend not only to her own litters but also to the successful upbringing of a litter of another dog, Quinn.

Her role as a true heroine in our breeding journey is evident, and we take immense pride in having her and her exceptional genetics as a part of our kennel. Bella's impact on our breeding program and her invaluable contributions are testament to her remarkable character and the legacy she will leave behind. Bella is now enjoying her retirement.

Artemidastars Tyche-Quinn of Roxstar


Quinn, a stunning and petite yet muscular female left a lasting impact on our breeding program. Her athleticism and intelligence were unmatched, and she was a privilege to have as part of our family. Unfortunately, her time with us was cut short, and we had the honor of breeding only 18 pups from her three litters before her untimely passing.

We are privileged to have two of her grandchildren as part of our breeding program today, Ocean and Kassandra. Both Ocean and Kassandra embody Quinn's exceptional beauty, intelligence, and quirky personalities, ensuring that her legacy lives on through the generations. These two beloved dogs hold a special place in our hearts, reminding us daily of the remarkable traits passed down from their shared grandmother, Quinn.

Our Male Hungarian Vizslas.

Male Hungarian Vizslas generally share many of the same temperament traits as their female counterparts. They are known for being affectionate, friendly, and loyal. Male Vizslas can be highly energetic and require ample exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom or restlessness. They are often described as intelligent, eager to please, and trainable, which makes them well-suited for various activities and sports. Male Vizslas tend to form strong bonds with their families and can be excellent companions. It's worth noting that individual temperaments can vary, but overall, male Hungarian Vizslas are known for their loving and devoted nature.

Roxstar Echo Ocean


Ocean, an incredibly handsome young male, is the exceptional result of breeding Roxstar Cody and Charlie (Ziggie Danitty of Roxstar IMP CZE). As the sole pup in his litter, he boasts a unique genetic makeup that truly sets him apart. He exhibits "single child syndrome," firmly believing himself to be the most handsome and significant dog in the pack – a notion that is not too far from the truth! He constantly needs special attention  and undeniably holds a special place in our hearts.

Ocean's endearing and lovable personality make him a very special and beloved member of our family. With a talkative nature, he believes he's part of the human conversation. Amusingly, he insists on being lifted onto the bed rather than jumping, adding a delightful touch of humor to his character.

Already an experienced father, Ocean passes on his good looks and entertaining personality to his offspring.  Ocean's unique attributes and loving temperament continue to make him an integral part of our lives, and we cherish this exceptional and beloved canine companion.

Roxstar Dane-Basil


“Roxstar Dane-Basil, a charismatic new addition and son of Chopin and Kassandra, possesses a loving and athletic nature.

Intriguingly, he sporadically satisfies his curiosity by climbing trees, a source of great amusement for us!” - Basil’s Owner

We are very excited to include Basil in our breeding program.

Roxstar Elon Berne


“Son of Roxstar Beetroot and Roxstar Chopin. Elon is a big, powerful and iconically handsome Vizsla who we call ‘Head Boy’ of our dog family as he is impeccably behaved, loves to learn and is extremely eager to please.

His calm, kind, loving and patient disposition make him amazing with children and he is best friends to his human brother - inseparable the two are regularly found napping in bed together. He loves car rides, sticking his head out the window and is a celebrity at the school run.

Elon is also active and energetic - he loves to play fetch, swim (dropping balls in the pool for himself to fetch) and to run free in the mountains. Regular recipient of the compliment “wow, what a dog” from our friends and family - Elon is an amazing member of our family!” - Elon’s Owner

We are delighted that Elon will be joining our breeding program this year!

Vadaszpajtas Argiodus-Bryas of Roxstar (IMP NETH)


Rico, imported from the Netherlands, is a striking and athletic male with an impressive stature. Handsome and charming, he carries himself with grace and a heartwarming nature. His affectionate demeanor makes him a lap dog at heart, always seeking the comfort of human company.

As a result of his exceptional genetics, Rico has made a significant impact on enhancing the breed in South Africa. We consider ourselves truly privileged to have such a remarkable dog of his caliber in our kennel. Rico's presence has enriched our breeding program, leaving a legacy that continues to thrive through his offspring. His role as a cherished member of our family and breeding endeavors is a source of great pride and joy. Rico will now be enjoying his retirement.

Kamikaze Ruda Szata of Roxstar (IMP POL)


Meet Chopin, imported from Poland, and also known as “the big friendly teddy bear” of our kennels. Chopin exudes a warm and affectionate nature that he graciously passed on to his offspring. Alongside his gentle temperament, he possesses impressive hunting skills. His multifaceted talents and lovable personality make him an exceptional and cherished member of our family.

Roxstar Cody


Cody, a stunning male, was bred by Roxstar but is not owned by us. He proudly carries the esteemed lineage of Rico and Quinn as their son. The privilege of breeding one litter with him resulted in his son, Ocean, becoming an essential male in our valued breeding program. Cody's remarkable genes and the legacy he passed down through Ocean have left a lasting impact, making him an integral part of our breeding journey.

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“Embrace life with a Vizsla by your side”

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